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Sustainability Leadership Course

ENGAGE Sustainability Leadership Course: Education in Sustainability

ENGAGE Sustainability 101 Course for Working Professionals

Sustain SoCal and its affiliated Sustain OC Foundation (a 501(c)3) accelerates sustainability through innovation, collaboration and education.

To help achieve that mission, we have organized an interactive ENGAGE Sustainability Leadership Course series. These courses will outline sustainability challenges and provide practical strategies for helping youth make a positive impact on their own futures and the future of their communities. Metrics for sustainability success, examples of successful sustainability programs and an overview of sustainability-focused careers will be presented.

The ENGAGE Sustainability Leadership Courses will feature guest speakers and panels of sustainability best practices specialists.  Additional details to be released shortly

Past ENGAGE speakers and panelists have included:

Sulaiman Hamidi, Director Sustainability & Product Stewardship, Allergan
Cristina Amorim, Director Sustainability, Thermofisher
Ken Chawkins, Business/Policy Manager, SoCal Gas
Nadereh Afsharmanesh, VP Sustainability, Earth Friendly Products
Mackenzie Crigger, Chapman University
Kimbrely Matsoukas, Sustainability Manager, Vans
Diane Biagianti, VP Chief Responsibility Officer, Edwards Life Sciences
Dimitri Shanin, Sustainability Manager, Raytheon

ENGAGE – Educating and Inspiring A New Generation of Sustainability Leaders

Advanced ENGAGE Sustainability Leadership Courses are also available for corporate and institutional operation settings, with content geared to building a culture of sustainability best practices throughout an organization.

For more information regarding creating a customized Sustain SoCal ENGAGE Sustainability Leadership course for your school or organization, please Email info@sustainsocal.org or phone 949-509-9300