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13th Annual Energy Event:

Energy in Transition

Nov 2, 2022

1pm-7pm PST | UCI Beall Applied Innovation

Energy in Transition

This year’s annual energy conference focuses on the various influencers impelling energy transition and the trends therein. There is no question that energy innovation is as hot as it has ever been and, given recent funding, legislation, policy, ESG initiatives and investor and consumer demand, there is also very little question that it will only get hotter.

Speakers include key decision makers from corporations in various industries, innovators, public and private investment firms, government, agencies, utilities, banks, non-profits and other industry leaders.

Topics include electrification, hydrogen, Inflation Reduction Act, renewables, built environment, agriculture, grant incentives, investor trends, ESG and innovation.

Over the course of its twelve years, this event has attracted thousands and continues to be a launching point for key connections and collaborations leading to economic growth and solutions for Southern California’s evolving energy needs and sustainability goals.

The event concludes with an innovator showcase and networking to follow conference (5:00pm -7pm).

Wind solar renewable energy
Image by seagul from Pixabay

Presentation Decks



Registration and Networking


Sustain SoCal Board of Directors Welcome

·      Scott Kitcher, President & CEO, Sustain SoCal and GP, Elevation Ventures

·      Michele Davidson, President & CEO, FTS Lighting, Recycling and Energy Solutions

·      Suzanne Gentilini, Senior Manager, Engie North America

·      Ryan Baron, Partner, Best Best & Krieger

·      Adrian Hightower, Sustainability and Resilience Manager, Metropolitan Water District

·      Marc Campopiano, Partner, Latham & Watkins

·      Pace McCaskill, Shareholder, Stradling


Keynote: Accelerating California’s Journey to Net Zero

·      Erik Stokes, Deputy Director, Energy Research & Development Div., CA Energy Commission


Open Discussion


Hydrogen: Technology and Trends in Production, Storage and Use

Panel Description: As the world looks for ways to move away from fossil fuels, hydrogen is becoming an increasingly popular option. During this panel, our experts will discuss some of the latest technologies and trends around hydrogen production, storage, and use. We’ll also touch on some of the challenges associated with the transition to hydrogen, and how companies in Southern California are working to overcome them.

·      Matt Gregori, Technology Development Manager, SoCalGas, Research, Development & Demonstration (Moderator)

·      Dr. David R. Martin, Chief Commercial Officer – Clean Hydrogen, H2U Technologies

·      Michael Cox, Head of Engineering, Americas, GKN Hydrogen

·      Rudy LeFlore, Chief Project Consultant, Sunline Transit Agency


Leveraging Emerging Federal Funding

·      Laurel Rothschild, VP Energy Programs, The Energy Coalition

·      Brian Probolsky, CEO, Orange County Power Authority


Energy Storage: A Brief on Current Landscape and Trends

·      Yednesh Parnaik, VP Global Sales & Marketing, Enevate Corporation


What the IRA Means for Utility Scale Renewables

·      Jam Attari, Founding Partner, Pathway Power




Enabling Investment in Energy Technology: The Power of Collaboration

Panel Description: What can today’s built-environment stakeholders, solutions providers and technology adopters learn from the past as we seek to reap the benefit of current waves of innovation? Solving for technology and capital alone isn’t enough to unlock major project investments and portfolio rollouts. Scaled adoption requires end user focused product education, earned trust, and aligned interests of committed technologists, solutions providers and adopters of technology.  Join a panel of accomplished innovators from a cross section of the energy transition space for a discussion on the power of collaboration and alignment of interests.

·      Ray Pustinger, Principal, Praxis Strategic Advisory

·      Steve Farber, Chief Experience Officer, Redaptive

·      Zack Martin, CFO, Loop EV

·      Tad Glauthier, VP eMobility, Stem


ARCHES – California’s Public-private Hydrogen Hub Consortium

·      Angelina Galiteva, Founder, Renewables 100 Policy Institute and Member, Board of Governors, CAISO


Orange County Sustainability Decathlon – Coming in October 2023!

·      Kristina Lamb, Project Manager, Orange County Sustainability Decathlon


Innovator Showcase

·      ReJoule, Steven Chung, CEO

·      RCAM Technologies, Gabriel Falzone, Director of Operations

·      MeterLeader, Natalie Zandt, Founder & CEO

·      Icarus RT, Austin Bond, Chemical Engineer

·      Gate5, Steve Delson, CEO

·      Flick Power, Andre Ramirez, Founder

·      Facil.ai, Keith Gipson, CEO & CTO


Black & Veatch’s Climate Tech Accelerator

·      Rick Azer, AVP and Growth Accelerator Founding Member, Black & Veatch

5:00 – 7:00

Reception & EXPO

Speakers include:

Keynote Speaker

Erik Stokes

Deputy Director, Energy Research & Development Div.

CA Energy Commission

Scott Kitcher Sustain SoCal

Scott Kitcher

President & CEO, Sustain SoCal and General Partner, Elevation Ventures

Michele Davidson CEO & President, FTS Lighting, Recycling and Energy Solutions

Michele Davidson

CEO & President

FTS Lighting, Recycling and Energy Solutions

Suzanne Gentilini Senior Manager, Business Development, ENGIE Services U.S.

Suzanne Gentilini

Senior Manager, Business Development

ENGIE North America, Inc.

Randal Kaufman

Randal Kaufman

Sales Director

Black & Veatch

Ryan Baron

Ryan Baron


Best Best & Krieger

Adrian Hightower, MWD

Adrian Hightower

Sustainability and Resilience Manager

Metropolitan Water District

Angelina Galiteva, Chair, Board of Governors, CA Independent System Operator

Angelina Galiteva

Founding Board Chair, Renewables 100; Board of Governors Member, California Independent System Operator (CAISO)


Matt Gregori

Technology Development Manager

SoCalGas, Research, Development & Demonstration

Roxana Bekemohammadi

Roxana Bekemohammadi

Founder & Executive Director

United States Hydrogen Alliance


Dr. David R. Martin

Chief Commercial Officer

H2U Technologies

Michael Cox, GKN Hydrogen

Michael Cox

Head of Engineering, Americas

GKN Hydrogen

Ray Pustinger, Praxis Strategic Advisory

Ray Pustinger


Praxis Strategic Advisory

Steven Farber, Redaptive

Steve Farber

Chief Experience Officer


Zack Martin, Loop EV

Zack Martin


Loop EV

Tad Glauthier, Stem

Tad Glauthier

VP eMobility


Laurel Rothschild-TEC

Laurel Rothschild

VP Energy Programs

The Energy Coalition

Brian Probolsky MNWD

Brian Probolsky


Orange County Power Authority

Yednesh Parnaik-Enevate Corporation

Yednesh Parnaik

VP Global Sales & Marketing

Enevate Corporation

Jam Attari-PathwayPower

Jam Attari

Founding Partner

Pathway Power

Kristina Lamb-OC Sustainability Decathlon

Kristina Lamb

Project Manager

Orange County Sustainability Decathlon

Rick Azer-Black & Veatch

Rick Azer

AVP and Growth Accelerator Founding Member

Black & Veatch


Rudy LeFlore

Chief Project Consultant

Sunline Transit Agency


Platinum Sponsor



Southern California Gas Company

The Southern California Gas Company is a utility company based in Los Angeles, California, and a subsidiary of Sempra Energy. It is the primary provider of natural gas to Los Angeles and Southern California.

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Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

LA Cleantech Incubator is the City of Los Angeles's official cleantech business incubator established to accelerate the commercialization of clean technology and job creation in the Los Angeles region.

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The Energy Coalition

We empower communities to leap into the future of clean energy! By bringing ideas, technology, and expertise to public agencies, businesses, educators and more.