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15th Annual Energy Event

October 17, 2024

15th Annual Energy Event


What is the Energy Event?

Sustain SoCal presents its 15th Annual Energy Conference.

This conference will delve into the status of decarbonization solutions in the industrial, commercial and governmental sectors. There will also be a session on incentives, policy and legislation and, as usual, we will highlight our local energy innovators.

Speakers include key decision makers from corporations in various industries, innovators, public and private investment firms, government, agencies, utilities, banks, non-profits and other industry leaders.

Topics include electrification, hydrogen, Inflation Reduction Act, renewables, built environment, agriculture, grant incentives, investor trends, ESG and innovation.

Over the course of its thirteen years, this event has attracted thousands and continues to be a launching point for key connections and collaborations leading to economic growth and solutions for Southern California’s evolving energy needs and sustainability goals.

Wind solar renewable energy
Image by seagul from Pixabay