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ESG Forum:

Building an ESG Strategy
Data Collection and Reporting
Driving a Sustainable Operation

September 26, 2023

1pm – 5pm  | 5pm – 7pm Reception
UCI Beall Applied Innovation

ESG Forum


Why attend the ESG Forum?

Influential corporate and public leaders convene for high-impact, peer-to-peer conversations to discuss strategy, trends and share insights into how corporate and public entities are working to achieve their ESG and climate goals that affect the real-world transition to a low-carbon global economy.

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Preliminary Agenda


Opening Session – Edan Dionne, IBM

VP of Environmental, Energy & Chemical Management Programs Corporate Environmental Affairs

With expanded regulatory compliance and mounting pressures from key stakeholders, companies and institutions must be transparent and passionate about sustainability efforts. As a result, top companies and institutions are committed to validating measured ESG reporting and non-financial performance disclosures to provide stakeholders and investors with financial-grade insights to make more holistic and sustainable decisions. Edan Dionne will discuss IBM’s approach to ESG and satisfying its multiple constituents.

Discussion – Topic 1

Building an ESG Strategy – Integrating with and Empowering the Business

What are and how did you establish the primary pillars of your company’s ESG strategy – what are your lessons learned; How do you overcome internal inertia to launch new pilots or retool a process – insights and advice; How does your executive management team balance ESG with target dates of 2030 and 2040 with quarterly financial targets or budgets? Who is responsible for the success of your ESG strategy and why?

Discussion – Topic 2

It’s all about the Data – Selecting a Tool, Collecting, Quality Control, Reporting

  • Leader – Edan Dionne, VP, Environmental, Energy & Chemical Management Programs Corporate Environmental Affairs, IBM

What are your primary sources of data for reporting purposes; How do you collect your ESG data and how do you ensure that your data is financial grade; What tools and automation are you employing to use with the multitude of reporting frameworks and what was your tool selection criteria; What lessons have you learned through your use of tools, frameworks, reporting structure, and how do you satisfy your internal and external constituents – are your reports helping your company’s bottom-line?


Discussion – Topic 3

Driving a Sustainable Operation – Partnering with Internal Peers and Public and Private Entities

  • Leader – Javier Angulo, Senior Director, Public and Government Affairs, Walmart

Have you already formalized an ESG program but are struggling with how to create internal/external alignment – gain insights on how to create alignment across disparate internal stakeholders to maximize external Impact ; How do you manage external relationships (raters/investors) to maximize impact within the corporation / institution; Do you have programs that drive your ESG initiatives that also drive revenue or cost cutting objectives for your peers – how have your ESG initiatives driven value?

Discussion Leaders

Edan Dionne, VP at IBM

Edan Dionne

VP, Environmental, Energy & Chemical Management Programs Corporate Environmental Affairs


Javier Angulo, Senior Director Community Relations, Walmart

Javier Angulo

Senior Director for Public and Government Affairs



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