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Innovating toward Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

February 20, 2024
1pm-7pm PST | UCI Beall Applied Innovation

Sustainable Agriculture / Food Systems


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What is the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Event?

Join regional leaders to explore technology and best practices as we advance toward sustainable agriculture and food systems. Our discussion leaders will offer solutions to many of the obstacles in our pathway and offer insights to future innovative farming practices and safe comprehensive food systems.

High demand from Sustain SoCal stakeholders drove the production of this event, and the Organization’s goal will be to determine how it can add value and solutions to these initiatives going forward. Please join us in this endeavor.

Topics include:

  • Shaping the Future of Agriculture
  • Building Sustainable Food Supply Chains
  • Technology
  • Ag Tourism
  • Addressing Gaps in the System
  • Urban and Peri-urban Farms
  • Role of Philanthropy
  • Farm to Family
  • Food Waste Management
  • Agripreneurship
  • Defining Metrics for Success





Welcome: Sustain SoCal, the Climate Action Business Incubator and RevHubOC

·      Scott Kitcher, President & CEO, Sustain SoCal

·      Chris Karr, Project Lead, Climate Action Business Incubator (CABI)

·      Juan Carrillo, Hub Director, RevHubOC

·      Kiran Manchikanti, CEO, MAPSOL GEO


Keynote: State of California Agriculture

·      Jose Arriaga, Commissioner of Agriculture / Sealer of Weights & Measures, County of Orange


Roundtable 1 – Sustainable Agriculture

·      A.G. Kawamura, Founding Member, Orange County Produce, LLC

·      Darren Haver, Director, UC ANR Research and Extension Center System

·      Steve Brazeel, Founder, Sunterra Produce & Elevated Foods

·      Anthony Curci, Managing Partner, Buttonwood Ranch LP

·      Adrian Hightower, Sustainability & Resilience Manager, Metropolitan Water District

·      Parker Cohn, Founder, PRM




Roundtable 2 – Sustainable Food Systems

·      Jake Raykhelson, Environmental Sustainability Manager, The Walt Disney Company

·      Mike Learakos, CEO, Abound Food Care

·      Katie Cantrell, CEO, Greener by Default

·      Drew Arentowicz, CEO, 5050 Food

·      Dr. Yasmine Mason, Founder, Fermentation Farm


Roundtable 3 – Eliminating and Diverting Food Waste

·      Mike Learakos, CEO, Abound Food Care

·      Carlos Conde, Vice President of Engineering, Sweetgreen

·      Tom Koutroulis, Director, County of Orange, OC Waste & Recycling

·      Lee Robinson, CEO & Founder, Dyrt


Closing Comments & Adjourn to Reception

5:00 – 7:00


Speakers [to date]

Jose Arriaga, Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights & Measures at County of Orange

Jose Arriaga

Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights & Measures

County of Orange

A. G. Kawamura Orange County produce

A. G. Kawamura

Founding Member

Orange County Produce, LLC

Darren Haver

Darren Haver


UC ANR Research and Extension Center System

Jacob Raykhelson Environmental Sustainability at The Walt Disney Company

Jacob Raykhelson

Sr. Manager, Environmental Sustainability

The Walt Disney Company

Adrian Hightower, MWD

Adrian Hightower, PhD, PE, ENV-SP

Sustainability and Resilience Manager

MWD of Socal

Mike Learakos

Mike Learakos


Abound Food Care

Anthony Curci

Managing Partner

Buttonwood Ranch LP

Steve Brazeel

Steve Brazeel


SunTerra Produce & Elevated Foods


Andrew Arentowicz


50/50 Foods, Inc

Dr. Yasmine Mason headshot

Dr. Yasmine Mason


Fermentation Farm

Katie Cantrell

Katie Cantrell


Greener by Default

Carlos Conde

Carlos Conde

VP of Engineering


Tom Koutroulis, Director, County of Orange, OC Waste & Recycling

Tom Koutroulis


OC Waste & Recycling

Parker Cohn, PRM

Parker Cohn


PRM (Performance Resource Management )

Lee Robinson

CEO and Founder


Dr. Kiran Manchikanti

Dr. Kiran Manchikanti


Mapsol Geospatial Solutions

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