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Sustain SoCal 10th Annual Conference & Expo: Energy Infrastructure: Innovating Toward Sustainability

Sustain SoCal 10th Annual Conference & Expo: Energy Infrastructure: Innovating Toward Sustainability

Event Details

Sustain SoCal 10th Annual Conference & Expo

April 11 - 8 am - 4 pm

The Cove at UC Irvine Applied Innovation

Energy Infrastructure:

Innovating toward Sustainability

On April 11, 2019  Sustain SoCal will present its 10th Annual Conference & Expo focusing on innovations and new approaches that can help current and new energy infrastructure perform more effectively and efficiently.

The emergence of new and creative approaches to how energy generated, delivered and utilized will help create a more sustainable future while improving the quality of life and economic opportunities for residents, businesses and visitors for all communities. Physical energy infrastructures will seamlessly combine with digital infrastructure, providing flows of information for greater efficiencies, accelerated decision making, greater environmental impact awareness.

The Sustain SoCal 10th Annual Conference will explore innovations that combine the physical world of legacy and new construction energy infrastructure with the digital world of sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless, data networks, big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more.

Key stakeholder attendees will include corporations of all sizes, cleantech companies, investors, local government, hotels, hospitals, schools and non-profits.

Conference topics include:

Infrastructure Innovation from Private and Public Perspectives

The Future of Energy Management: IOUs and CCAs

Sustain SoCal Community Choice Energy Aggregated Feasibility Study Program

Energy Independence: Fuel Flexibility

Energy Storage Strategies to Meet TOU Challenges

Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

Vehicle Charging 

Grid Modernization

The Energy Cloud

Our Connected World: Here Comes 5G

Next Wave Panel: Energy Innovations on the Horizon

Meet the Innovators: Quick Pitch Session

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