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Sustain SoCal CCE Feasibility Study

Sustain SoCal CCE Aggregated Feasibility Study

Sustain SoCal has launched an initiative to conduct a Community Choice Energy (CCE) Aggregated Feasibility Study

Numerous cities in Orange County and San Diego County are currently making plans to join this important Sustain SoCal research project, a vital step in the process of forming a CCE.

The Sustain SoCal CCE Aggregated Feasibility Study offers municipal governments and other stakeholders the opportunity to join together in conducting a comprehensive study that examines the impact of replacing their community’s incumbent electric utility with a locally-controlled CCE organization.

The information developed in this Aggregated Feasibility Study can be instrumental in helping city councils and staff assess the potential impact of a CCA on their city at a fraction of the cost of a traditional feasibility study. .

Initial Considerations for Participating in the Sustain SoCal CCE Aggregated Feasibility Study

  • Communities want choice in energy providers
  • Communities want lower energy prices, economic development opportunities and local control
  • Communities want cleaner forms of energy and purchase options
  • Communities are skeptical of government run programs
  • Non-profit, business focused trade association can provide bridge between competing considerations

Guiding Principles for the Sustain SoCal CCE Aggregated Feasibility Study

  • Accelerate sustainability and cleantech economic growth through innovation, collaboration and education
  • Provide a platform for ongoing discussion and create educational programs for members and key stakeholders on cleantech and sustainability
  • Facilitate community choice energy educational opportunities and outreach to cities
  • Focus on cleantech, economic development, local control, energy innovation and creating markets for cleantech, sustainability and new energy technologies
  • Encourage community involvement in local energy planning decisions

To inquire about participating in the Sustain SoCal CCE Aggregated Feasibility Study, please Email ccesocal@sustainsocal.org  or phone the Sustain SoCal office at 949-509-9300