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Annual Sustainability Awards

Sustain SoCal recognizes leadership and innovation in sustainability in the Southern California region with several annual awards.

The Sustain SoCal  Sustainability Excellence Award celebrates excellence in sustainability innovation. 

The Sustain SoCal Cleantech Company of the Year Award is awarded to a company that has reached a high level of achievement with their efforts to assure a more sustainable future through innovation and innovative approaches to sustainability challenges. 

The Sustain SoCal Government of the Year Award is recognizes achievements of a governmental or regulatory entity that pursues sustainability in their ongoing operations and encourages and enables sustainable practices among their constituents. 

Sustain SoCal award recipients are generally announced in December during the Sustain SoCal Annual Holiday Gathering event.

Do you have a company or individual to nominate for a Sustain SoCal Annual Award? Please send your nomination with a brief description of our nominee and their role in creating a more sustainable future for Southern California to info@sustainsocal.org

2019 Sustain SoCal Van Vlhakis Sustainability Excellence Award winner:

BayWa r.e.

2019 BaWa


2019 Sustain SoCal Cleantech Company of the Year winner:


2019 Cleantech Company of the Year