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The frequent drought conditions experienced throughout the history of Southern California has made effective water resource management an ongoing priority. According to the Metropolitan Water District, about 45% of water for our region is imported long distances from out of the area, primarily from Northern California via the State Water Project and from the Colorado River via the Colorado River Aqueduct. The balance of needed water is obtained from local resources, including groundwater and recycling. With growing cities and agricultural interests throughout the West clamoring for increased water supplies, the ability to increase the amount of Northern California and Colorado River imported into Southern California is uncertain. The future water needs of a growing region will depend upon innovation and new approaches combining water conservation, water recycling, efficient water transport and end-user delivery, ground water recharging, large-scale seawater desalination and more. Sustain SoCal needs your expertise and insight for the Sustain SoCal Water Working Group to help explore ways to meet the water needs of a growing county faced with the unpredictable existing water supplies and limited options for new supplies.

For more information regarding the joining the Sustain SoCal Water Working Group, please E-mail info@sustainsocal.org


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